Studies are now discrediting essential oils listing them as dangerous, and in fact, in their isolated highly concentrated parts, they can cause allergic reactions such as nausea and similar adverse reactions.....



First, apologies to those who follow NT. Lately I have been soft peddling the platform I have been given. I realize Alternative Holistic approaches are as individual as people. The goal is to have you find and follow a repudable, enjoyable  “Wellness MO” and follow a beneficial, holistic, wellness lifestyle. Its fine if Needful Things NH&BC is not your thing.  I am required to “…write the vision and make it plain…” (Habakkuk 2:2-3, NIV). Expect going forward to hear the message undimmed and far more luminous than in the past. To that end—we have to get technical! While I love this side of Aromatherapy, if you don’t hang, in here with me! In Part II, the vision is about to be as “plain” as I can make it. I promise while Part II may douse hope, Part III restores it!

Let’s talk briefly about the difference between gram-negative (G-N) and gram-positive (G-P) bacteria. To shorten this article to a time-saving Needful Thing J, gram-negative bacteria have an outer membrane (OM) and gram-positive do not (Nazzaro, et al, 2013). Vinegar’s acidity destroys the outer protective membrane of G-N bacteria. Once exposed, the vinegar then kills the inner cells.  It takes a higher concentration of vinegar to be as affective against G-P bacteria. Now, even though generally, essential oils are most effective against gram-positive bacteria, there are certain EOs that while they do not expunge the outer membrane of G-N bacteria, the molecules are so minute, they penetrate it and POW! Death from within! Certain EOs, once inside, inhibit reproduction and kill the bacteria from within the cell structure on contact (Akhtar, Sinniah, Swamy, 2016). At that point the outer membrane dies also. This ability is what makes essential oils like White Thyme “anti-microbial” (2013). Science does not completely understand the mechanisms (Akhtar, Sinniah, Swamy, 2016); herein lies a warning. Chemical disenfectant maufacturers came up with what they thought was a brilliant plan but the plan is backfiring on the body’s immune system and actually empowering bacteria.

Manufacturers have isolated the compounds of plant essences and synthetically or naturally extracted singular compounds. These isolated compounds are reproduced then combined with highly concentrated petro-chemical surfacants — sodium laureyl sulfate, phthalates, etc. — to boost the product’s VISIBLE cleaning ability. Note—here is another mechanism research has proven but also does not understand. The isolation  of essential oil compounds or singular plant essences, weakens their overall effectiveness.

Plant essences must stay united, intact, in their original, complete, structure for greatest, beneficial results to occur. The essential oils/essences of plants are composed of terpenes and phenols which are powerful singular chemicals. Studies are now discrediting essential oils listing them as dangerous, and in fact, in their isolated highly concentrated parts, they can cause allergic reactions such as nausea and similar adverse reactions—hey I believe in transperancy!  Phenomenon #2 that science does not yet understand: the natural, consolidated, plant essence form of essential oils, adversely affect humans in rare instances and with specific essential oils (2016), not only that, isolated compounds of plant essential oils, are not as affective against G-N and G-P bacteria. Wow! Mind Blown about God’s natural plan! That is why experienced aromatherapists and pure essential oils are of vital importance on your wellness journy. In addition, the use of isolated plant essences/compounds allows manufacturers to claim “natural” or “organic” on labels when they are not.

As a result, these things may occur:

·        The creation of SUPER-BACTERIA and SUPER VIRUSES that render regular pharmaceuticals and disinfectants ineffective.

—Science is still trying to understand what ability within the DNA of bacterial cells, empowers vulnerable cells to mutate into generations of resistant strains. What they know is that among the various chemical disinfecting/cleaning agents, after a certain ppm (parts per million) concentration is reached, rather than killing the bacteria, the bacteria begin to mutate and develop an immunity to the disinfectant that is carried forward by future generations of the bacteria. This process is similarly occuring with antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria and viruses within the body.

·        The petro-chemicals are not biodegradeble but your body reads them as “natural” because they come from petroleum which comes from the earth. Thus, unable to break down the “natural” chemicals, the human organs store them in the filtering organs. This may weaken the liver and kidneys, decreasing their efficiency as filters; this in turn may establish the environment for cancers, inflammation and auto-immune diseases.

·        Empirical data shows that these cleaning products also may trigger and be the cause of skin and respiratory allergic conditions especially in children (UCSF Institute for Health & Aging, 2013). Additionally, in 2013 the Univversity of California, SF School of Nursing released the findings of studies done to set safety guidelines in child “Early Care and Education” facilities. The studies found that the ingredients in plug-in liquid and spray air freshners contain phthalates which are ENDOCRINE DISRUPTORS.

—Let me make the vision plain with the help of the report:  The endocrine system — which includes the brain’s hypothalmus, thyroid glands, pituatary glands, pancreas, testes, ovaries, adrenal glands, and thymus — controls the release of “…very, very small amounts of hormones (which) control growth, reproduction, metabolism, development, behavior, sleep functions, immune function, and stress…” (2013).

—These same hormones are also key players in how the body responds to diseases like diabetes and cancer, therefore, phthalates may also increase the risk of breast, ovarian and prostate cancers (2013). The the way endocrine disrupting chemicals in cleaning products and non-natural chemical based air freshners do so in the body is a two-fold interference:  1) they INTURRUPT the body’s natural hormonal transmissions and 2) these chemicials IMITATE natural hormonal transmissions which is how phthalates trigger the above “dis-eases.”

—The vision becomes even clearer when you understand that because natural hormones are released in very small amounts to signal the body to carry out developmental growth and mental functions; you can imagine what happens when your body and that of your family is exposed 24/7 to endocrine disruptors that imitate hormonal transmissions.

Whew! Thank you for hanging in there even if you had to skim!

Come Back for PART 3: “NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS!”

Are popular chlorine based cleaners effective disinfectants and are they biodegradeable? Yes! BUT…DUHN DUH DUHNNN!

And what a minute…What was the meaning of “…VISIBLE cleaning ability…”?!

Wisteria Ward