Reclaim Wisteria Lane-A Victory Garden 2018

Victory Gardens are for times of War. Famed Botonist George Washington Carver wrote a paper introducing the U. S. to the use of Home plots and public lands in parks to create community gardens where Neighbors sustained neighborhoods sharing vegetables. This eased the burden of the public food supply and gave citizens a sense of empowerment and contribution. The concept went all the way to the Whitehouse—FLOTUS Eleanor Rosevelt planted a VG! Well, my garden is powerfully & doubly a pVictory Garden.

1st it’s a hot mess right now! That’s okay because when I look out at it and pick a spot of hot mess to start working on—I am grateful. Every weed I pull, every herb  I discover survived the 2017 summer absence of its caretaker, represents an hour in a year of celebrating our daughters life after being struck a car rather than mourning her death.  

2nd—Yes! The return to the mission of Needful Things to grow herbs and share knowledge about why we should. We face a different kind and war today. Along with the literal battles at home and in lands around the globe—there is a brutal war being waged on our health. Many times it is waged by enemies who do not declare themselves until it’s too late or they are covert chemicals in everyday foods and products. 

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